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5 Organizations With 1 Goal:

Inspiring Impact

Composed of two different agencies, a production studio, a unit of operational experts, and even a non-profit, Situation Group supports life-changing impact—championing brand experiences that promote understanding, connection, community, and growth.

Our agency for experience-based brands.

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Our agency for nonprofit and education organizations.

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Our production studio for all Situation Group organizations.

Our nonprofit that serves students through arts and culture experiences.

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Our Impact

Because we are what we do.
And what we do matters.


Memories Created

The live events we support have united theatre aficionados and first-timers in immersive arts & culture experiences, inspiring a commitment to the ever-changing entertainment industry.


Students Engaged

Situation’s clients have inspired a new generation of artistic and creative leaders, establishing a more equitable and opportunistic future.



Operating in a total of 52 countries, Town Hall’s clients have a powerful global impact, providing resources, goods, and infrastructure to make the world a better place.


Educational Programs

The programs that Town Hall promotes provide access to education and accelerate career growth for nontraditional learners.


Access to the Arts

Only 20% of NYC public school students have access to the required 4 art mediums. Situation Project is increasing exposure & access to arts education for all students.